Robot Monster Productions was founded in 2012 by an English nerd with a love of narrative-based games and technology.

Jon Richardson


Jon is the creative director, mad scientist, and driving force behind Robot Monster Productions.

Before his adventures as an indie game developer, Jon was a high school English teacher and e-learning multimedia developer. He likes his arts with a little technology in them, and seeks to get more people reading by playing games, just like he did.

Aside from developing interactive comics, Jon has a calming addiction to Don't Starve, and he plays a pretty mean blues guitar too.


Other Talented Artists

All of Robot Monster Productions' projects are possible because of many talented independent artists.

  • Cat Walton
  • Jeffrey Edwards
  • Florent Daniel
  • Bryan Richmond
  • Paolo D'Antonio


Mac OSX, Xcode

Almost all of Robot Monster Productions' work has been created on Jon's Macbook. The iOS version of This Is Not a Test was programmed in Objective C using Xcode.


The Android version of This Is Not a Test and all versions of The Doom Beneath are web applications published cross-platofrm to mobile devices.


Animations we write are powered by CSS3, which allows us to access hardware acceleration on mobile devices for the smoothest possible result.


We've used Phonegap to build the iOS, Android, and Kindle versions of The Doom Beneath. This Is Not a Test also went cross-platform, using Phonegap for the Android and Kindle versions.


SASS is our CSS preprocessor of choice and it has done a great job of keeping our CSS sparkling-clean and orderly.


When it comes to building and deploying our games or sites, there are dozens of little steps that Grunt automates. From concatination to image compression, task runners are a developer's best friend.


With its out-of-the-box grid system, modal windows, and carousels, Bootstrap has been the foundation for plenty of our web-based projects.


While it might be difficult to explain what "stringifying an object" means to your grandmother, Javascript Object Notation is a beautiful thing.


Git monitors which files in our code are changed and at what times, allowing us to roll back and root out bugs, or update our code repostory in the cloud.


We love Node.js and installing new Node packages is a breeze. Many of our tools are Node-based, and we've used it in the past to serve real-time multi-user applications.


Bitbucket is the beautiful safe haven in the sky for our code. How can we sleep at night knowing everything we've built is truly safe and backed-up? Bitbucket is how.

Google Analytics

By using Google Analytics, we can see how users interact with our applications and from what parts of the world. When we make data-driven decisions, this is how we get our data.

Adobe Photoshop

We use Photoshop to manipulate the images and pieces of artwork involved in our web design, from touch-ups to batch file manipulation.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is our choice for overall design, making it easy to mock-up different versions of an idea or export crisp assets at any resolution.